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Hábitos de una buena higiene alimentaria

Good food hygiene habits

It is essential to take care of food hygiene to prevent food spoilage and possible poisoning. Taking good care of the conservation and handling of the products, we ensure that these do not lose their taste during processing.
Tipos de flujo vaginal, ¿cuáles son?

Types of vaginal discharge, what are they?

Even if most people don't know about it or are too shy to talk about it, it is true that there are different types of vaginal discharge, since it can change so much in its smell, color, quantity, etc.
Causas del sangrado postcoital

Causes of postcoital bleeding

Postcoital bleeding is bleeding that occurs in women after they have had sex. The medical term for this is coitorragia. It is a fairly common condition not related to menstruation.