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Collagen is one of the most important and abundant proteins in our body. Its function is to be the main component of the structure of the skin, cartilage, bones, tendons and organs. It acts as a support element and provides resistance and flexibility. In short, it is responsible for the degree o...
¿Excelente sexo después de la menopausia? ¡Es mejor que lo creas!

Great Sex After Menopause? You Better Believe It!

Time doesn't pause for anyone or anything, which means that menopause is a fact of life for about half the population. Fortunately, we can guide you and offer reassurance that sex after menopause can still be great, even if it's a bit different from what you're used to.

Men and women's legs under a white blanket on a white bed

5 Sex Tips for Women to Enjoy Sex More in 2022

The new year is here, meaning it's time for resolutions, and yes, that also includes in the sex department. Why focus on change or limitation when you can increase your happiness by doing more for yourself in the bedroom? So get intimate with your partner more often and make the sex you're already having even better with our tips below!

A red sexual lubricant gel in the form of a heart shape.

LubriLove | An Intimate Lubricant For Long Lasting Pleasure

Using a lubricant during sexual intercourse can immediately enhance the pleasure experienced by both parties. Intimate lubricant can also be a valuable product, helping individuals breathe new life into a sexual partnership that may be lacking in diversity. If you've ever thought about enhancing your or your partner's sexual pleasure during intercourse, then we suggest you continue reading to learn more.