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Everything You Need To Know About Genital pH Balance | Vagy Rejuvenation

It's no secret that our bodies are built to naturally maintain a healthy pH balance, but when it comes to our intimate areas, we may need a little more help. While our first instinct is to simply scrub away the smelly bacteria with extra body wash or soap, it could end up making the situation worse.

What is pH and how can you keep it regulated for Genital Health?

The pH balance of a substance refers to the acid-basic ratio, and our skin is the first natural line of defense when it comes to regulation. For men, the skin in the groin has a lower pH level of 5-5.5, being more acidic. While a woman's vaginal pH typically ranges between 3.8 and 4.5, which is also moderately acidic. With our collection of Vagy Lactic Liquid Soaps, an antibacterial soap for genitals, both men and women can maintain the appropriate pH levels and eliminate the bacteria that produce odors around those areas.

Causes of Unbalanced pH

For women, any of the following situations can change the pH levels within the vagina:

  • Antibiotics. Unfortunately, these drugs not only kill the bacteria that causes a disease, but they also kill the good bacteria necessary to maintain a healthy vaginal pH level.
  • Douching. Some women regularly wash out their vagina with water or other fluid mixtures, not realizing that they're encouraging the growth of harmful bacteria and increasing their pH levels.
  • Menstrual periods. Menstrual blood is slightly basic and raises the pH within the vagina. So if that blood is absorbed into a tampon or pad and sits in place, it can raise the pH level of the vagina.
  • Unprotected sex. Men's semen is alkaline, and can encourage the growth of certain types of bacteria that in turn raise vaginal pH levels.

For men, the cause of an unbalanced pH could be due to:

  • Soap/ Body Wash. Dermatological soaps are more alkaline and upset the pH balance in the private parts, exposing the groin to possible dryness, irritation, redness, and inflammation.
  • Showering. The water used in a shower can sometimes contain bicarbonate salts of calcium and magnesium, which causes the pH level to rise and create an imbalance in the skin in the groin. This can lead to dryness, redness, itching, and odor. 
  • Fitness. Our bodies perspire when we become increasingly active, and the sweat we produce is fairly acidic. When it combines with dirt and bacteria, it begins to develop a foul odor.
  • Unprotected sex. During sex, the vagina begins to produce more acid, and once it reacts with semen, it affects the pH level of the groin.

Signs of Unbalanced pH Levels

High pH levels that cause infections may produce symptoms like:

  • a foul or fishy smell
  • unusual white, gray, or green discharge in women
  • unusual itching
  • burning when you urinate

How does Vagy Lactic Liquid Soap help balance pH?

The bacteriocins produced by the lactic acid within our soap kill the harmful bacteria by disrupting the integrity of the cell membrane. In theory, these peptides are less likely to induce resistant strains of bacteria, thereby being a safe, long-term solution for maintaining a balanced pH.

For women, vaginal health is typically maintained with certain types of lactobacillus, which is a beneficial bacteria that produces high levels of lactic acid to make the vagina more acidic. This is important in helping to prevent a condition known as bacterial vaginosis (BV), which is an infection that produces a fishy smell along with a milky discharge due to an imbalance of bacteria. 

For men, maintaining a healthy groin means frequent grooming and examination. This helps monitor any changes of the skin and can assist in preventing infections such as ringworm (which is a fungus, more commonly known as jock itch), staph (bacteria), and yeast (not just for the ladies).

By using our collection of Vagy Lactic Liquid Soaps, men and women can help their skin and body’s natural flora (helpful microorganisms present in our skin) fight off any harmful foreign bacteria and fungus, in turn, balancing their pH levels.

What are the main benefits of Vagy Lactic Liquid Soap?

  • Helps balance pH and eliminate dead skin cells
  • Maintains a refreshing smell all day longIs gentle on the skin, but tough on odors
  • Can be used as a daily intimate wash
  • Contains Lactic Acid
  • Increases cell turnover

In Conclusion

Our collection of Vagy Lactic Liquid Soaps can be used by men and women to regulate and maintain an appropriate genital pH level.

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