For over seven years, Y Nature Me LLC has been offering a unique product that improves women's health and well-being. Together with our owner, Mildia Francisco, we serve women with integrity, honesty, and exceptional customer service.


Improve the lives of our clients, providing products that positively impact their health and intimate care.


We seek to offer the world quality products, being the leading company in the international market.

Leading company in the market, for its human quality and our products

We seek to offer the world new life alternatives and positive vision in abundance.


Passion: It is our daily drive, to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Responsibility: With each consumer and their well-being.

Love: Force that moves us to do things well.

Security: We guarantee confidence and quality in our products.

Honesty: Quality that commits us to giving you a better service.

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Our History

“As a result of a condition called endometriosis (an incurable disease that causes a lot of pain to women), and in search of finding something to alleviate that pain, a friend introduced me to this wonderful product. I started using it and giving it to my friends, that's when I realized how wonderful it was and the many benefits of this product. I did not want to keep the secret, and incidentally help many women who suffer from this condition. That's where Vagy Rejuvenation came from ”.

About Our Product

This 10-day treatment is made from all-natural ingredients, and is the first of its kind on the market. We stand behind our product because it has proven to be effective and 99.9% of our customers are satisfied with the results. Not only does it improve your sexual performance, it also improves your overall quality of life.

Active Ingredients

Vagy Rejuvenation 10 Applications, is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients

Cnidium Fruit

It is an aphrodisiac extract that increases sexual potency, stimulating and irrigating the female organs.


It has anti-inflammatory properties, is a natural analgesic, relieves menstrual pain, reduces stress and anxiety, with antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


It has antibacterial and anticancer properties, it is a sexual stimulant, it tones the vaginal muscles and promotes menstruation.


It is a native plant from Asia that has antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial actions and is ideal for treating vaginosis.