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LubriLove | An Intimate Lubricant For Long Lasting Pleasure

When something is good in life, our first instinct is to enhance it and make it better. While sex is already one of life's many pleasures, it too can be improved, especially if there's discomfort involved or a lack of sexual variety and relationship interest. 

Using a lubricant during sexual intercourse can immediately enhance the pleasure experienced by both parties. Intimate lubricants can also be a valuable product, helping individuals breathe new life into a sexual partnership that may be lacking in diversity.

If you've ever thought about enhancing your or your partner's sexual pleasure during intercourse, then we suggest you continue reading to learn more.

What Is An Intimate Lubricant, And How Will It Improve Sexual Intercourse?

During sexual arousal, the vagina naturally produces lubrication that helps reduce friction and facilitate sexual activity, but some women experience vaginal dryness and need a little extra boost. While the vagina is a self-cleaning and self-pH-regulating part of the body, sometimes it requires more attention. That's where artificial intimate lubrication comes into play. This type of lubrication is made of a liquid or gel and is used to decrease irritation during sexual activity to keep everything smooth. Whether it be masturbation, penetrative and anal sex, oral sex, or traditional sex, using an intimate lubricant can enhance pleasure and reduce discomfort or embarrassment for both partners. One squeeze of LubriLove can revamp your sex life and benefit your vaginal health.

Women typically experience dryness when their estrogen levels drop, which can occur during breastfeeding, menopause, chemotherapy, or breast cancer treatments. In addition, when the vagina doesn't lubricate enough, it can lead to pain or discomfort during sex, otherwise known as dyspareunia.

Why You Should Use Lubrication During Sex

To help resolve dyspareunia and combat vaginal dryness during sexual intimacy, Vagy Rejuvenation formulated LubriLove. As a multinational women-owned business specializing in gynecological and sexual health products, we provide top-notch solutions to vaginal care to maintain a healthy sexual life, and lubrication is a huge factor. Using an intimate lubricant lessens the risk of injury for both partners and reduces the chance of a condom breaking or falling off, which helps prevent sexual infections/ diseases such as HIV from being transmitted.

By applying LubriLove during sex, the vulva, vagina, or anal areas will start to get wet, making intercourse smoother and less painful. Our fantastic formula can also be applied directly to the man's penis or a sex toy to make them more slippery for intercourse.

What Is Lubrilove, And How Will It Enhance Sexual Pleasure?

LubriLove is a colorless and tasteless sexual lubricant that stimulates circulation within the vagina to make it slippery during intercourse, decreasing discomfort thus increasing pleasure. The all-natural formula is also suitable for oral and anal sex, as it promotes hydration, prevents dryness, and adds softness to intimate areas. 

One of the many benefits of LubriLove is that it helps balance vaginal flora, which are helpful microorganisms that live inside the vagina. Maintaining a balanced vaginal flora is essential to a healthy sex life because an unbalanced flora means the vagina has an unbalanced pH, which can lead to a foul smell, itching, and sometimes even a burning sensation. 

Because we only use ingredients of the highest quality: our intimate lubricant is hypoallergenic and long-lasting, making it an excellent option for those with sensitive skin. LubriLove is also water-based, meaning it is safe to use with condoms and sex toys. 

Pro Tip: Oil-based lubricants are unsafe to use because they degrade these items.

In Conclusion 

The next time you and your partner are ready to get intimate and need an extra boost of pleasure, try using LubriLove. It not only increases wetness for long-lasting satisfaction, but also assists with dyspareunia and reduces vaginal dryness.

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