HIIT en casa: una rutina quemagrasas para entrenar solo con tu peso corporal

HIIT at home: a fat-burning routine to train only with your body weight

Although we at Vitonica do not believe that lack of time is an excuse not to practice sport, we also know that for many people it is a real problem. So in this article we help you make the most of the time you have available with a HIIT training you can do at home.

What is HIIT training?

HIIT is a training method that alternates intervals of maximum effort with short intervals of rest, which can be active or passive.

There is a lot of evidence that this training system is a good strategy to follow when it comes to improving metabolic function, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) and generally obtaining effective cardiovascular training in a shorter period of time.

What fundamental factor do I need to lose fat?

When it comes to losing fat it is imperative to create a calorie deficit either by cutting your usual calorie intake or by increasing your calorie expenditure...or both.

The right way to approach fat loss is as follows:

  • Reduce your caloric intake by a maximum of 500 calories.
  • Heperforms strength training.
  • Add light cardiovascular activity or HIIT sessions.
  • Maintain a high activity level through non-exercise activities (NEAT).

Training design

We will opt for a short interval system with working periods of 30 seconds and active rest of 20 seconds.

In a HIIT we cannot use basic strength exercises like push-ups or plates due to their low cardiovascular component. We need exercises like:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Burpees
  • Jumping squat

The active rest will only consist of light jogging in place while we wait for the end of it. We will perform a total of five rounds of work, although the most beginners may start with three or four rounds.

The jumping jacks are an exercise with a great cardiovascular component, ideal to start this HIIT.

Look straight ahead, raise your arms above your head and land with your toes and knees half bent.

The best way to perform a burpee correctly is to break down the entire movement into its component motion sequence.

Practice the squat with your body weightThe squat thrust, the position of the iron or plankThe push-up and the vertical jump landing on your toes. Once you've mastered all the exercises, it's time to put them together in one complete movement.

Jumping squats

To start the squat begins the eccentric phase driving your hips back to shift your weight to your heels. We'll finish the movement around the 90-degree knee flexion. From 90 degrees, we start the concentric phase until we get our feet off the ground. At the time of landing we must first fall with our metatarsals, that is, the base of our fingers.