Infusion for Men and Women

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This extract is made from a fine selection of herbs and spices:


* Seaweed * Chamomile

* Zen * Al Hoceima

* Canafistola * Malba

* Noni * Aloe Vera

* Honey * Dandelion

* Plum * Juana la Blanca 

* Nopal * Horsetail


This extract may help with:

*Child development


*Menstrual problems

*Strengthens the reproductive system

*Aids with cysts, tumors and endometriosis

*Stimulate fertility



*Detoxifies the body







Children: (over 7) one tablespoon after each meal

Adults: one cup after each meal


Do not consume if pregnant

Not for women in lactation

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any illness, or disease, or body condition, or to replace any prescribed medical treatment.