Los suplementos de glutamina podrían ser de utilidad para reducir la grasa en el cuerpo

Glutamine Supplements May Help Reduce Body Fat

The glutamine is an amino acid, i.e. it is one of the components of protein which is usually used as a sports supplement. However, current scientific evidence suggests that glutamine supplements may be helpful in reducing body fat

High glutamine levels, less fat and inflammation

Obesity is a disease characterized by excess body fat and an inflammatory condition that would be responsible for increasing the risk of many other associated diseases.

Studies this year looked at the link between glutamine supplementation and metabolic and inflammatory profiling in overweight and obese people as well as in rats on a high-fat diet.

The results show that in obese people glutamine decreased serum insulin and waist circumference, while in rats on a hyperfat diet the supplement reduced adiposity, improved insulin action and signaling, thus optimizing glucose metabolism.

Glutamine may be helpful in preventing and reversing obesity, according to current scientific evidence

All of this points to the fact that glutamine may help prevent and control obesity as well as associated metabolic diseases.

An even more recent study confirms this by finding an inverse relationship between glutamine levels and obesity in 81 women, as well as between glutamine and a type of white fat that is harmful or promotes inflammation.

Obese women had lower g lutamine levels than non-obese women, and lower glutamine levels were also associated with larger fat cells and a higher percentage of body fat, regardless of body mass index (BMI).

For all these reasons, although further studies are needed to recommend glutamine supplements, scientific evidence suggests that it may be helpful in reducing body fat and preventing or reversing obesity and related conditions.